Shouzouken Poster

Baby’s First Copyright Infringement

Shouzouken Poster
Shouzouken Poster

Posters made for schools, day cares, play areas, and general children’s marketing are odd things. There’s a particular series I find hilarious meant to be posted in the nurse’s office/health rooms that advises things like wearing one’s ponytail low to avoid headaches and making sure to poop once a day.  But, while most PSA posters are rather generic and send messages as offensive as “wash your hands”, this one irks me.

The above poster is part of a campaign to stop “piracy” or shouzouken (肖像権). The little character there down on the right, the dog with an elephant hat, is the mascot for the campaign. The three scenarios above are all about how wrong blogging about your friends, celebrities, and taking photos when you come across a TV drama shoot are. It’s crazy and it’s the law. You need explicit permission for each photo you take of a person. For such a photo obsessed culture, it’s very backward.

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    April 26, 2016

    There are some posters I see in schools that get to me too. The one that comes to mind I’ve been looking at for the previous 2 months was an “educational” poster for the new star wars movie in an elementary school hall.
    It’s blatant advertising.
    In my (obviously outdated) mind, school should be protected from things like advertising. Both this advertising and this piracy education reeks of lobbyist-type pressure from profit oriented organisations that (again, in my mind) should not be associated with education of young and very impressionable minds.


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