Loft Christmas Cards 1/17

Japan Advent Calendar, December 13th, Loft Christmas Cards

Loft Christmas Cards 1/17
Loft Christmas Cards 1/17

My favorite part of the start of any and every season in Japan is the Loft card section’s seasonal offerings. In the summer they have light up fireworks cards and glowing firefly cards. In the spring there are endless sakura petal mobiles and pop ups. Halloween scenes are even more adorable in cut paper. But, Christmas is the best! Cards that sing, cards that dance, cards that light up, cards that rotate, cards that are buildable artwork. Cards that mimic stained glass, snow globes, full choruses singing in unison, even cards with tiny LED televisions built in. This is my favorite part of Christmas.

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  • Olivia

    December 15, 2013

    I went christmas present shopping the other day, and I went I came across the card section I was so overwhelmed. There are just so many designs and I love the pop-up ones the best! Japan definitely knows how to make pretty cards!


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