Yamashiroya 5/9

Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild

I was lucky enough to day, it being a Saturday during fuyu yasumi one day after payday, and head into town to look for toys. I’d already ordered the best looking Sailor Moon merchandise from Bandai directly, but it’s just so exciting to see something I’ve adored for so long have it’s time in the spotlight again.

My first stop was Yamashiroya¬†in Ueno. I’d seen shots on Twitter of their Sailor Moon display and sure enough just in front of the register on a middle floor was a full display of stationary, figures, nail art, plushes, and even a few items from the PGSM days. Next, it was on to Akihabara. The official website for the new Sailor Moon gachapon toys lists Yodobashi Camera stores as being a guaranteed sellers of the three new lines. But, the wand charms set for sale during the last half of December were already sold out. Boo. They still had displays of the figurines up, though. ¬†Getting the henshin compacts when they come out in January is going to be a challenge… Unless I buy online.

I also came across two displays of Sailor Moon merch by accident. There was a full display of the Creer Beaute make-up line in the Akihabara Station drug store. And, along Chuo Dori there was a comic shop advertising they had the new, reprinted Sailor Moon manga. Our girl is back!

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