Snowflake Charms 4/4

New Phone, New Charms

Aquos Phone Xx 302SH
Aquos Phone Xx 302SH

Over the weekend my dear sweet beloved boyfriend went on a bicycle trip and in hour three of a two day journey, lost is phone. So, we went in to get him a new one. And, somehow I ended up with a new one, too. Introducing the Aquos Phone Xx 302SH from Softbank. The screen is huge. The hard drive is huge. The customization features are plenty. The thing even has a TV tuner with built in DVR function! I set it to record Kouhaku Utagassen and it did. Easily. Beautiful.

Naturally, a new phone needs a new charm and I was able to pick up a fantastic snowflake charm fit for the season at Yamashiroya in Ueno.

Even better, they gave us Otousan bento boxes!

I’m still most excited about the charms. The nature series is my favorite gachapon series of all time.

Good stuff.

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