Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild, April 2014 Edition

As the lead in to the new anime comes closer, the merchandise has picked up steam. This week everyone was in a tizzy over the Isetan Sailor Moon boutique. Honestly, most of that they sold was a little too plain for the prices they were charging. The $1,000 princess dress was good, but not that good. I would have indulged in one of the custom patterned dresses if they hadn’t been so small.

On a separate outing (to buy my boyfriend businesswear no less!) I spotted not one, not two, but three gashapon machines selling the Tuxedo Kamen figures. Right, now they are well stocked! Where was this tenacity for either of the two compact gashas?

Even better, Kiddy Land has a whole swath of merch out on display. It’s real! It’s really real!

But even greater, the stationary is up in the local shops. I might just see these on my students’ desks this year!

And the Peach John Catalog with the Sailor Moon lingerie is in the convenience store.

How wild will it get when the show actually airs!

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