Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild, July 2014

This weekend started the second fashion department store event in the new Sailor Moon Crystal promotional campaign at Shibuya’s 109. Honestly? The previous one in Shinjuku was better. Loads better. This one consisted of little more than a cosplay photoshoot area on the top floor set up basically in the elevator lobby and lots of small promotional things pasted around the place like paper cones/bull horns, posters, hand fans, and an occasional cosplayer or themed clothing display. Though Peach John and Spins were supposed to have Sailor Moon official merchandise for sale (lingerie and canvas bags respectively) I wasn’t able to find any. Below are photos of the decor around the mall and scans of the promotional hand fan. Pictures aren’t the best as the place was a zoo, shop keepers and customers alike crowded the place and were loud as metal. It was hard to get around, even.

Here are some scans of the hand fan that was “passed out” at the Shibuya 109 event.

I much prefer the Shibuya arcades. The crane game exclusives have started to pop up here and there. I have won precisely zero of them.

The Shibuya Animate also has it’s fair share of stuff. Though, the Free!, Haikyu, and Shingeki no Kyoujin merch beat the pants of this section.

But, it’s usually Kiddyland that has the best displays. This one in Yokohama had the gashapons and folder dispensers! Rare, yo.

Even the paper covers for the stickers and clear files are pretty!

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