Personal Shopping Services

Once upon a time when I was a wee nerd, I relied on the kindness of strangers to get me my nerdy j-pop and anime junk from abroad. After spending more than half a decade in Japan, I realized it was time to give back. For a 10% commission I can help you (yes, YOU!) get the stuff from Japan you want, but can’t get because Japan is in the stone age when it comes to online shopping and international business. I’ll even help you figure out how to get that thing you saw and wanted but can’t find anywhere else. I can get you the tickets to that concert, the dress only sold at the Harajuku location, or the commemorative plushie for the one holiday.

  • Email all inquiries to me, Cait, at
  • All purchase totals in yen will be converted to the equivalent USD value at the day’s exchange rate with a 10% commission added.
  • At this time I can only accept payments through PayPal.
  • I can not buy and ship any of the following: Alcohol, swords, pharmaceuticals, or illegal pornography.
  • As I am a proxy, not a retailer, I cannot accept returns. If you change your mind about a purchase, the best we can both do is re-sale.
  • My standard shipping is EMS via the Japan Postal Service. All packages sent via EMS will have an online tracking number and insurance up to a certain amount.
  • I promise to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

Below are just some of the things I can pick up for you rather easily and readily. If you are uncertain about a particular item or event because it’s official website is only in Japanese, I can help with that, too.

Concert Tickets, Play Tickets, Theme Park Tickets, and Sports Game Tickets

10% commission, free shipping, payment in advance

Pop concerts, anime musicals, the Ghibli Museum, the Disney parks, and most baseball games sell advance tickets. However, it’s very difficult if not impossible to reserve tickets for many of these things if you are not physically in Japan. Instead of Ticketmaster, ticket reservations, payments, and printing are largely handled through convenience store kiosks and websites including the 7-Eleven operated Ticket Pia and the Lawson operated L-tike HMV. Decide on your date, what seating class you’re up for, and I can send you the ticket for your preferred performance or game before you leave your home country.

Earlier is better for ticket purchases. The day tickets go on sale is often advertised along with the dates for any given event, and the more popular the event, the more likely the tickets will sell out on that same day.

Concert Goods and Musical Programs

10% commission, train fare for all events outside of Kanagawa, shipping, payment upon completion 

Many pop groups and theater troupes sell exclusive, event-only merchandise at their performance venues. I have personally picked up goods from Perfume concerts, Arashi concerts, and the latest Sailor Moon musical, all without having to enter the venue. For concerts and shows where the merchandise is sold outside the ticket gate, it’s easy swing by and pick up just about anything. Keep in mind: Some shows sell out early. Some shows do not offer merch outside the venue.

I am able to physically go to venues almost anywhere in Kanto. However, I will charge you my train fare if they’re only selling stuff at a performance venue in Saitama, Chiba, or downtown Tokyo. I won’t charge in advance unless the merch is particularly pricey.

Japan-Only Retailers Like Premium Bandai, Rakuten, and Amazon Japan Shops

10% commission, shipping, payment in advance

Premium Bandai doesn’t ship internationally. It sucks. Lots of Rakuten and Amazon partner shops have amazing deals, and only accept payment from Japan and only ship to Japanese addresses. Tell me what you want, I’ll order it for you, and send it straight to your house.

Non-Perishable Foods and Beauty Products

10% commission, shipping

Whether you like seasonal Pocky, novelty Doritos, or special edition Kit-Kats, I can find you the junk food you crave. Keep in mind that lots of the novelty foods you see on various blogs are only on sale for a few weeks or a few months. If you know what sorts of makeup you need, I can get that too. It’s not possible to send liquor through the mail, and I am unwilling to send anything medical, but most dry foods and cosmetics are easy to get and could be at your doorstep in a week.

Fan Club Memberships

10% commission, payment in advance including postage

Many smaller “official” fan clubs just do not operate overseas. Right now I’m only enrolled in the Arashi fan club and can pretty much sign you up for, and act as proxy for, just about any other fan club. Fan club members often get a mailer with an exclusive interview or set of photos or concert information each month. I can work with you to determine how many mailers your band or anime sends out each year and tack on a simple, one time postage surcharge, and forward your mailers to you when they come each month. Typically, memberships are one-per-address so it’s first come first serve.

Cosplay, Traditional (Yukata, Kimono, etc) Clothing, and Lolita Fashion 

10% commission, payment in advance for online orders, payment upon completion for in-store orders

Lolita fashion can be hard to get your hands on. And while cosplay outfits are often sold fully realized by places like ACos and Animate, it isn’t always available to be shipped to your country. I’ll need your size for any purchases.

Additionally, in the summer I can help with yukata purchases. And, I’m a frequent visitor to the Harajuku sidewalk thrift store that sells dirt cheap, vintage kimonos, obis, and accessories. If you need a robe or belt in a particular aesthetic, I can work with you to find the kinds of colors and patterns you are after without the bank account draining effect that a new kimono retailer might have.

In-Store Exclusives from the Pokemon Center, Disney Store, or Jump Store

10% commission, payment in advance

Seasonally, the Disney Store offers unique items like Tsum Tsums in costumes, novelty princess jewelry, Duffy clothes, and stationary. Most of this stuff cycles through pretty quick and doesn’t land in the American Disney Store because of different parent companies owning the different branches of Disney, Disney Stores, and Disney Parks. The Pokemon Center has all sorts of toy exclusives. The Jump Store… I dunno. Sells Shonen Jump stuff. Forward me a link, a promotional poster, or any other details on your specialty item and I’ll pick it up.

Back Issues of Magazines

10% commission, shipping, payment in advance

Various Amazon retailers sell back issues of magazines. Old fashion, old anime, or old cosplay stuff is pretty accessible. Hell, the last old fashion magazine I scored was literally $1.

Games, Game Systems, and Online Game Credit in Yen

10% commission, shipping, payment in advance

It can be hard to get credit for the Playstation store in yen. I can be hard to get a special edition DS or DS case abroad. I can be a pain to track down vintage games… in America. I am not a hard core gamer, but there are few more straightforward vices than gaming. I live about an hour from Akihabara. Just let me know what you need. We’ll find a way.


10% commission, budgeting in advance, payment negotiable 

Mandrake, K-Books, and a ton of other retailers sell doujin. But, they have virtually no online presence. Tell me your series, ship, and budget. I’ll hook you up. It’s frowned upon to take pictures in these store so I can’t show you the titles exactly, but I can prioritize things like adult content, art quality, or length.

These days the most shelf space in doujin re-sellers is devoted to sports anime gay. These include: Free!, Yowamushi Pedal, Kuroko no Basuke, and stuff like that. Foreign properties with a lot of testosterone tend to make it on to the shelves, too, including Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Supernatural, Star Trek, and for some reason Prison Break. And Suits. I can’t explain it. I will not purchase or send any doujin that is dubiously legal such as those kinda-sorta underage doujin.

Bento and Cooking Stuff

10% commission, shipping

Every dollar store, home store, grocery store, and cutsie accessory store sells bento stuff. Need cute paper cups? Mini sauce containers? I can do that.

Please email me, Cait at , with any inquiries or questions.