Sailor Moon Master Post


Photographs, Reports, and Reviews

Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild (July 2014)

Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild (May 2014)

Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild (April 2014)

Sailor Moon Merchandise in the Wild (December 2013)

Sailor Moon Stationary (December 2013)

Shimamura Collabo Clothing Line (December 2013)

Sailor Moon Make-up at Kiddyland (October 2013)

La Reconquista, Musical Report (September 2013)

Print Media Scans

Sailor Moon Crystal First Visual Book (mook) (August 2014)

Character designs, voice actor interviews, merchandise lists, musical info

Petite Etrangere Pamphlet (August 2014)

Program book sold at the musical venue and complete photo card sets

Anime CUTiE, July 2014

Serenity x Endymion pull out poster, character designs, interviews with creators

Moon Pride CD/DVD booklet scans edition, includes Momoiro Clover Z trading card

Petite Etrangere Promotional Flyer, July 2014

Handed out at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City event

Neruke News, July 2014

Petite Etrangere short cast interviews (translated)

Chou Chou Aliis, August 2014

Interviews with and photos of musical actresses (Sailor Jupiter) and Sakata Shiroi (Sailor Venus)

Animedia, August 2014

Secondary character designs

Animage and Animedia, July 2014

Sako Yukie and Sakai Munehisa Interviews, pull out posters (translated)

Chou Chou Aliis, Vol.2

Sailor Moon nostalgia and recap.

Hobby Japan, May 2014

Sailor Moon figurines and prop replica feature.

Vivi, May 2014

Rola/Lola Sailor Moon fashion spread.

Cosmode, March 2014

Sailor Moon cosplayer feature, Sailor Moon cosplay patterns.

Sailor Moon Memorial Album CD Booklet (January 2014)

Scans of the booklet that came with the Memorial Tribute Album

CD Journal, February 2014

Commentary on the Sailor Moon Tribute Album by singers and voice actors

Nakayoshi, January 2014

Commemorative Sailor Moon Post Card

ROLa Magazine, January 2014

Interview with Naoko Takeuchi, Part 2

ROLa Magazine, November 2013

Interview with Naoko Takeuchi, Part 1

La Reconquista Pamphlet (September 2013)

Program booklet sold at the La Reconquista revival musical in 2013.

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