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This is your dinner tonight.

I was called to the kitchen to translate the back of these “Cook Do” boxes one too many times. It gave me an idea. You there sitting in Japan. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’ve been here for a bit but you keep buying those convenience store bentos and eating ramen like a college kid, right? Stop that. Have some real food. You don’t have to even be creative with this one. I’m talking about “Cook Do” and if I can translate it to get my own dinner, I can translate it to bully you into making it for yourself for dinner.

“Cook Do” is basically an empire built on sauce packets with recipes colorfully printed on their boxes. Most of the dishes they guide you to make are Chinese food based. Also, most of them use in-season vegetables and readily available cuts of meat. This means you can make a massive meal without searching high and low for the ingredients, or paying out the nose like you do for most prepared foods.

Today’s dinner is… was… Sweet and Sour Pork! Yeah, I took that photo and served it over rice and dug in. Try it. You’ll like it. Cook Do’s Sweet and Sour Pork (or Subuta) is pretty close to a Chinese take out place back in the states in flavor, but contains way more vegetables so you don’t drop dead from malnutrition. Try it. TRY IT! And bring the leftovers to work tomorrow for lunch. That’s what I’m doing.

cook do - subuta - sweet and sour pork master