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Yuri!!! on Ice x Figure Skating Grand Prix 2016 collabo cafe at TV Asahi + Karaoke Tetsujin

I usually find out about the coolest collabo cafes and events long after it’s too late to go or get tickets. But, Yuri!!! on Ice is just too good. When I saw the tweets about the limited run Grand Prix Final x Yuri on Ice cafe at the TV Asahi building this week, I just had to get in.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and made my way to Roppongi and into the line around the building by 9AM. The line was almost entirely women in our 20’s and 30’s. I guess we know who watches this show! And figure skating in general!

My buddies were a little tardy in getting there. When they handed out the 200 tickets for the day, we ended up in two groups. As a result, I ended up eating at the cafe twice in one day. Yay?

My first slot ended up being in the early afternoon. The cafe was mostly empty. A shame. I think they could have accommodated more than 200 people. All those fans who missed out! We ordered the Yurio pierogi and the Victor pancake plate for food. For drinks, it was the iced Yuri cocoa and the Victor cafe latte. What cuties! It was cold outside, but I just had to get the iced drink because… Yuri cocoa on ICE?! I mean come on!

The pierogi tasted a little like nikuman. They were bigger than I thought they’d be! And, the pancake had whip cream underneath as well as on top. Perfect for me. I’m a whip cream addict. I had to be immature and stick the straw in Yuri’s mouth to drink my cocoa. Judge me if you must.

I posed with the Hanyu Yuzuri gold statue. Poor Hanyu. The statue did not do his pretty hair justice.

My second go around, I split a double katsudon with a friend. The menu said it was 900 calories! That’s nuts! I’m not a coffee person, but Victor is so cute I just had to get his coffee. Sorry, Yurio. Your anger kitten face is cute, but I didn’t feel like getting your milk. I only noticed later, but the cafe served the katsudon with peas. The anime also has peas in the onsen special katsudon. Is this a thing anywhere? I’ve never seen veggies in a katsudon.

Karaoke Tetsujin also has a collabo going on right now. We didn’t go in time for the special cake plate and they were sold out of katsudon but we were still able to get the collabo drinks and coasters. I liked Victor’s drink the best. Yuri’s had calpis and little gummy stars. Cute, but still. Victor wins. I also pulled at least one dog-related coaster from the box. Makkachin is the best. I need to practice the theme songs for the next time I go to karaoke. The timing on “History Maker” is deceptively tough.

This is your dinner tonight.

I was called to the kitchen to translate the back of these “Cook Do” boxes one too many times. It gave me an idea. You there sitting in Japan. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’ve been here for a bit but you keep buying those convenience store bentos and eating ramen like a college kid, right? Stop that. Have some real food. You don’t have to even be creative with this one. I’m talking about “Cook Do” and if I can translate it to get my own dinner, I can translate it to bully you into making it for yourself for dinner.

“Cook Do” is basically an empire built on sauce packets with recipes colorfully printed on their boxes. Most of the dishes they guide you to make are Chinese food based. Also, most of them use in-season vegetables and readily available cuts of meat. This means you can make a massive meal without searching high and low for the ingredients, or paying out the nose like you do for most prepared foods.

Today’s dinner is… was… Sweet and Sour Pork! Yeah, I took that photo and served it over rice and dug in. Try it. You’ll like it. Cook Do’s Sweet and Sour Pork (or Subuta) is pretty close to a Chinese take out place back in the states in flavor, but contains way more vegetables so you don’t drop dead from malnutrition. Try it. TRY IT! And bring the leftovers to work tomorrow for lunch. That’s what I’m doing.

cook do - subuta - sweet and sour pork master

Snoopy x Line x Pocky Collab

Too cute not to share! Pocky and Pretz boxes are currently adorned with scenes of Snoopy and friends and a Line collaboration. My dad is definitely getting some in the mail for father’s day.

An Evening (of GIFs) at Hanabatake Bokujo Cheese Koubou, Mozzarella Bar

For my birthday, my sweet boyfriend went with me to 花畑牧場 十勝チーズ工房 MOZZARELLA BAR. It’s a beauty, that place. The whole of Japan seems to shun cheese on most days. Not here! This restaurant is all about cheese. The star of their menu, to me, is the cream pasta. And, as it was a nice cold day, a nice warm fondue seemed in order. It was just such a great meal, I had to photograph and gif it. To the photo evidence!







Untouched Fondue
Fondue in Action

Fried Cheese

The pasta with cream sauce is assembled at the table. First, the hot pasta is placed onto a massive wheel of Parmesan cheese. Then, it’s tossed and Parmesan is scraped into the pasta. Next, it’s transferred to the waiting cream sauce. Last, shaved Grana Padano is mixed into the cream and cheese atop the pasta. And, eat! It was beautiful. It tasted as good as it looks.








Bon Appetit!


Bread Charms 1/2

Bread Charms, Gachapon Find

Bread Charms 2/2
Bread Charms 2/2
Bread Charms 1/2
Bread Charms 1/2

I am a sucker for food related phone charms. Here we have “Taberaresou de taberarenai PAN no masukotto” (Looks Edible But Isn’t BREAD Mascot). I was hoping to get the baguette slice but ended up with the brioche and croissant. They’re fluffy and soft like pillows. Will probably not hang these from any bags. Too big! Still delicious looking. Way better than the fried sharks my boyfriend got. They don’t even look like sharks.

Bread Gachapon
Bread Gachapon
McDonald's Cheese Potato Dip 3/3

McDonald’s Japan’s Cheese Potato Dip

McDonald's Cheese Potato Dip and White Cheddar Burgers Flyer
McDonald’s Cheese Potato Dip and White Cheddar Burgers Flyer

This month’s Japanese McDonald’s novelty menu items are actually, for once, classically good. Up top is the chicken fillet and quarter pounder with white cheddar. Below is the cheese potato dip served with arrabbiata sauce. I know on paper it’s essentially cheesy tater tots with tomato sauce but it is soooooo good. That arrabbiata sauce has no business being at a place like McDonald’s. It’s too damn tasty. And, the potato cheesy bits are perfect pockets of creamy cheese and potato. This is the only McDonald’s Japan novelty food I have gone back and ordered twice.

Cozy Corner Chocolate Sponge Cake

Japan Advent Calendar, December 14th, Cozy Corner Christmas Cakes + Catalog

Cozy Corner Chocolate Sponge Cake
Cozy Corner Chocolate Sponge Cake

I’ve written before about Cozy Corner Ginza. The ubiquitous red cake kiosks are my favorite sweet sellers in Japan. Not only are their cakes beautiful, they’re affordable and taste as good as they look. I was delighted to find out after a work meeting this past week that while they have an extensive pre-order Christmas cake catalog, many of the Cozy Corner Christmas cakes are also offered for immediate purchase throughout December.  I got four. I almost got five, but it was a rain storm and it seemed like it might be hard to carry. Oh, they’re good. The little house on the round sponge cake is chocolate and the snowman is sugar. The chocolate ganache on the roll cake was worth every penny, as was the chocolate crepe. I don’t know why they don’t sell chocolate crepes more often. Here are the photos before we dug in:

The Cozy Corner Ginza 2013 Christmas Cake Catalog:

Isolated catalog food porn cake photos: