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Cleaning out Scanslated Doujinshi. Want any?

I’m trying to get rid of some doujinshi that I’ve scanned and translated and therefore have no more need for. They are all in good condition, except for bent back covers. Creasing the covers along the spine was necessary in order to scan them properly. You can see the scans and translations of all of these doujin here and here.

All doujinshi are $10 USD (PayPal) which includes shipping via Airmail to anywhere in the world. Please email me at to inquire. Titles include:

  • Candy Moon [Sailor Moon]
  • Usako to Issho [Sailor Moon][Usagi x Mamoru]
  • The Ideal Life [Avengers][Steve x Tony + Peter]
  • Moon Light Love [Sailor Moon][Usagi x Mamoru]
  • Ouchi Date no Susume [Naruto][Naruto x Hinata]
  • Honey Pie [Sailor Moon][Usagi x Mamoru]
  • Domina [Avengers][Sharon x Steve]
  • Shinmai Hokage to Sono Okusama [Naruto][Naruto x Hinata]
  • Mieteru Kedo Mietenai¬†[Naruto][Naruto x Hinata]