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Yuri!!! on Ice x Figure Skating Grand Prix 2016 collabo cafe at TV Asahi + Karaoke Tetsujin

I usually find out about the coolest collabo cafes and events long after it’s too late to go or get tickets. But, Yuri!!! on Ice is just too good. When I saw the tweets about the limited run Grand Prix Final x Yuri on Ice cafe at the TV Asahi building this week, I just had to get in.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and made my way to Roppongi and into the line around the building by 9AM. The line was almost entirely women in our 20’s and 30’s. I guess we know who watches this show! And figure skating in general!

My buddies were a little tardy in getting there. When they handed out the 200 tickets for the day, we ended up in two groups. As a result, I ended up eating at the cafe twice in one day. Yay?

My first slot ended up being in the early afternoon. The cafe was mostly empty. A shame. I think they could have accommodated more than 200 people. All those fans who missed out! We ordered the Yurio pierogi and the Victor pancake plate for food. For drinks, it was the iced Yuri cocoa and the Victor cafe latte. What cuties! It was cold outside, but I just had to get the iced drink because… Yuri cocoa on ICE?! I mean come on!

The pierogi tasted a little like nikuman. They were bigger than I thought they’d be! And, the pancake had whip cream underneath as well as on top. Perfect for me. I’m a whip cream addict. I had to be immature and stick the straw in Yuri’s mouth to drink my cocoa. Judge me if you must.

I posed with the Hanyu Yuzuri gold statue. Poor Hanyu. The statue did not do his pretty hair justice.

My second go around, I split a double katsudon with a friend. The menu said it was 900 calories! That’s nuts! I’m not a coffee person, but Victor is so cute I just had to get his coffee. Sorry, Yurio. Your anger kitten face is cute, but I didn’t feel like getting your milk. I only noticed later, but the cafe served the katsudon with peas. The anime also has peas in the onsen special katsudon. Is this a thing anywhere? I’ve never seen veggies in a katsudon.

Karaoke Tetsujin also has a collabo going on right now. We didn’t go in time for the special cake plate and they were sold out of katsudon but we were still able to get the collabo drinks and coasters. I liked Victor’s drink the best. Yuri’s had calpis and little gummy stars. Cute, but still. Victor wins. I also pulled at least one dog-related coaster from the box. Makkachin is the best. I need to practice the theme songs for the next time I go to karaoke. The timing on “History Maker” is deceptively tough.